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Do you want to know what is happening in your hotel, restaurant when you are not there? Are you interested in improving your services?

We will prepare a view of a guest but also a professional view of services and operation of your hotel or restaurant. Through mystery shopping – anonymous test shopping we will check activities of your personnel in contact with a guest; we may discover hidden reserves in services provided by you and equipment of your facility.

You will learn about positive but also negative facts from our visit in our report (received only by the manager or owner). It will be a valuable source of information and a tool to control people and processes, material for evaluation of your people and improvement of their work for you. We receive an order for test shopping from you and that is why assessment is focused first of all on areas specified by you. More over, we will prepare our general view consisting of a non-structured subjective part and a structured quantified part. We will describe our subjective experience in your facility focused on all details in the non-structured part. The structured part is focused on assessment of quantity and quality of a physical condition of your facility and services provided expressed in points.

Believe, only the criticism intended and accepted well drives us all forward.