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Sometimes, you are not quite sure before making a good decision or you need to discuss a problem, respectively. We are ready to help you in activities prior and after opening of a hotel, guesthouse or restaurant (timescale of individual activities, supervision after commissioning). We will advice you in preparation of your business and marketing plan in a structure of international standards. To plan proper numbers and determine procedures of marketing activities for next years is a basis for your successful business.

Creation of a P/L Statement (Profit and Loss Analysis) goes on with your plan immediately and it will give you an exact picture of what is happening in economy of your company. We will advice you in preparation and proper analysis of it. Based on the analysis, you will always know exactly where your “shoe pinches”. We will also advice and help you with preparation of a HACCP program (preparation of the Hygienic and Sanitary Plan, HACCP Plan, training of personnel) for your company and a visit by “hygienists” will not be a nightmare for you any more; you will also have good control of activities of your personnel in the area of ensuring hygiene in production practice.

We are also offering consultancy in selection of a proper kitchen technology, chinaware, glass, cutlery, hotel and restaurant textiles recommending reliable suppliers. In a final phase of furnishing of your facility (when you are “getting short” of your money), you can avoid operational problems by purchasing high-quality and appropriate materials and you will save finance finally.